Need Major Help Please macOS

I’m in need of some help. I am new to ACD and rclone and don’t know where to start. I have a Mac with Sierra OS and I have followed the installation instructions as stated; however I cannot get the drive to mount. Is there a comprehensive guide for macOS? When I go to mount the drive nothing happens, then if I kill the process and try is again it says it was already mount in osxfuse but I don’t see the drive anywhere.

Help please. I have been searching the internet for days now and all I get is little pieces here and there which are hard to put together.

Using the mount is pretty much easy, after the installation, make sure you setup your ACD correctly, (with command “rclone config”), also make sure you instal osxfuse too (, latest stable version is 3.5.6), which is the main thing to run the drive.
Make sure after you install those, reboot your Mac.

After that, just make a empty folder anywhere you want, it’s better to be in the root, because it’s easier access.

And all you have to do is that you use this code in your way

rclone mount amazon: ./mount

  • amazon is the name you give to your drive
  • mount is the location of the folder you made for your mount
  • This code is pretty simple, which when you get how it work, you can add more command to it, which you can find all over the forum here.

And also it’s not like that you kill the process and it’s done, you have to unmount the drive, which you can use this code, and you don’t see it because you kill the process only and the mount is still in the system but it’s not visible.

umount ./mount

Let me know if you have more question.

When I try unmount ./mount it says unmoving is not a recognized command… finally got it to mount though. Also, it seems like the encryption is not encrypting the files I send up.

Read my code again and read your code again

mine : umount ./mount
yours : unmount ./mount

I don’t know about encryption, because I never used it, I always use without encryption and so far everything is fine.

I kinda got the volume to mount. I can see the volume mounted on the desktop of my mac; however I cannot copy any files to it and it does not update with any new files sent through rclone. I thought that rclone was better to use vs acd_cli since rclone you would not have to remount in order to see the new files.

Any suggestions?

Well, acd_cli you don’t need to remount, you just have to sync the database, but if you have big library, it’s a hassle.

I never upload with rclone, but if you have problem uploading with that, you can check the app from Amazon itself and use that to upload your file.