Need help understanding rclone message when using --dry-run

Trying to setup a backup and need to exclude specific directory. When using --dry-run I getting message that at least to me is little confusing. The command I am using is:

rclone --exclude=/mnt/RAID5/Backups/Images/ --dry-run sync /mnt/RAID5/Backups/ google:/Backups

When I execute the command I get messages for every file including those in the exclude path, with the text “Not copying as --dry-run”

So does this mean that file is not copied, because of the --dry-run option and rclone does not understand/ignoring the --exclude filter?


Rclone it will not copy the file because of the exclude filter?

You probably want


To exclude all the files within the Images directory

That did not help…

Sorry. - I didn’t think that through properly Firstly the exclude needs to be relative to the root of the sync, and secondly you need the /**, so try this

rclone --exclude='/Images/**' --dry-run sync  /mnt/RAID5/Backups/ google:/Backups

Thanks that fixed it. Don’t quite understand why that would make a difference, guess I need to do little reading…

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