Need help running local rclone docs

In 1.56 we brought in a useful feature on, per-page content blocks.
I would like to play more with site usability enhancements but for that I need to run a local copy of the site.

Is it possible? How involved is that?
Ideally, I'd just:

  • git-clone rclone
  • edit ./docs/something
  • make generate-local-site
  • docker run -v /generated/content:/something -p something:8080 rclone/site-runner-image
  • point my browser to http://localhost:8089/usage and play with js/css/html in chrome developer tools

@ncw ?

I haven’t tried (on vacation), but it seems like there is a template here:

I would try it out by installing Hugo and then try

cd docs

I guess/hope you will then be able to open ./public/index.html directly in your bowser - or sync the public folder to your favorite web server.

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Also, from docs/

Running make serve in a terminal give a live preview of the website so it is easy to tweak stuff.

or as plain command:

cd docs && hugo server -v -w --disableFastRender

Hugo will then generate and host the site at http://localhost:1313

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thank you @x0b :slight_smile:

make serve did it

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