@ncw can you make online petition for unbaning rclone on amazon drive

It would be best you make one and maybe if we get huge user outcry the would consider changing their decision, I know its a long shot but still at least we can try.

p.s. I will miss Amazon, not for direct streaming (since last 2,3 months service was shit) but as cold storage it was great.

It is probably not a bad idea - though I would like to hear the reason from Amazon first…

What sites do you recommend for such a thing?

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I will sign where you make this online petition :slight_smile:

change.org is one of the big ones

Yes I agree this would be one of the better ones:

p.s. I strongly suggest that everyone also email or call amazon support to report that their account is not working and they use rclone, since they are tracking issues it should spike out.

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Yeah i fully agree, should be in this order :

  • A) everybody should contact now ACD support in order to show Amazon that the number of concerned people may be rather high
  • B) wait for official answer before any further moves
  • C) if worst situation (open source apps definititely banned, or high-pressure clients), then start a change.org petition

Live chat opens in 20 minutes here, so I’m going to start chatting every single rep up that I can about this

I suggest you start petition asap while people are still pissed, once you get official reply you may choose to use it or not.

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Given that all the people who are signing the petition are exactly the kinds of customers that ACD wants off the platform (a few hundred high bandwidth, high data storage tech users) I suspect you’re banging your head against a brick wall, but good luck - I’ll watch with interest!

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Not all I hope. I only use ~300GB. No entertainment movies, no streaming. Mostly photos and home videos and some documents archived in crypt.

I just like rclone, much superior than the stock tool.

How many of us out there?

i was also under this impression. just look on the two digit TB counters on rclone/plex reddit threads.

Maybe amazon could use the petition as a ban list. better not use your amazon registered name/email to sign a petition. :wink:

Same. I have 1.5TB, of which 1.1TB is made up of photos, and the rest is docs and some home videos. I run a sync job every 8 hours with my NAS. No movies, no streaming, not copywritten material (all my Kodi media sits on my NAS, and isn’t backed up).

If you only have 300GB, you’re probably better off using Google anyway, since their tools/apps are so much better.

Here is response from Amazon

I’ve read your comments and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

I would like you to know that, we contacted the development team regarding this concern and we’ve been informed that, at this time the Amazon Drive ended the invitation period for new third party apps (rclone) on Linux platform.

I completely understand that this sudden change in policy caused a great deal of inconvenience to you and we should have informed you earlier about this. But I request you to understand our limitations in this regard.

Incase if you’d like to continue using your Cloud drive on any other device, you can use one of our Amazon Drive apps (available for PC/ Mac /iOS /Android) to sync / upload / connect to Amazon Drive.

Or, if you’d like to proceed towards cancellation of your subscription, kindly let us know and we will be glad to assist you in cancelling and issuing a refund for your subscription.

BTW I was running rclone on Windows and as you know there is no option to mount a drive via rclone.

there is, its cmount

there is, its cmount

Only use normal mount flag the latest beta Rclone. It need to install Winfsp

Use it if you want to mount it via rclone(like a network drive):

rclone mount --allow-other --fuse-flag --VolumePrefix=\mount\point share: "drive_letter"

what is cmount?

good to know but it is too late now (((

It is a other mount method that use Winfsp “FUSE like” filesystem.

But not need to use cmount only normal mount command, like on Linux.

rclone for acd must be really doomed if people are starting to bring up petitions :P

Another response from Amazon

First of all, let me thank you for being a Prime member.

From your email, I understand that you are concerned about the Amazon Drive Desktop app and using Rclone to upload files to Amazon Cloud Drive. I’m really sorry about the inconvenience you had.

I would like to inform you that, Rclone and acd_cli were disabled this week. We will not be able to re-enable access to Amazon Drive from Rclone or acd_cli. This is the reason you must be facing difficulty in uploading the 3p clients.