Music Streaming Server - What are you using?

I’ve been using Plex for music which is great for ease - one app to rule them all. However the delay starting tracks, lack of gapless playback and pre-caching etc is starting to irritate me - the 2 second delay is my biggest gripe.

So I started looking at alternates; just for music. I’ve tried airsonic and it’s playing tracks instantly, provides gapless etc… but I’m tempted to try madsonic or ampache. I wondered what others are using for their music collections???

I’m using Spotify and before that Apple Music. Price point is just too easy these days.

I too use Spotify (have done, since 2009), but I’ve been slowly ripping my CD collection and storing for access through an rclone mount and am mainly looking to share this with my family members as my wife is a dance teacher and uses a lot of songs not available on Spotify (or are custom remixes of tracks).

I need something she can use to create playlists, but is a bit more ‘refined’ to serving music files than the plex one-for-all approach.

Have you tried out subsonic?

Not by itself, but as mentioned I’m currently using both airsonic and madsonic which are forks off the subsonic project.

Which mount settings did you use? For me it takes longer than one minute to start playing the music. And another minute or more if I press forward to the next song

One minute of waiting it’s too much. My actual settings to stream music looks like:
rclone mount crypted:/music/ /home/user/music/ --allow-other --vfs-cache-mode writes --log-level INFO &
But I’m not an expert and I got 5 - 8 seconds of buffering between songs, and I wish to be less.

I accept any suggestions

Have been using the Squeezebox (Logitech Media Server) ecosystem for years. Development still ongoing even though the hardware was dropped years ago and there are many current players available (software and hardware solutions).