Multiple remotes with limited space

Hi there!

I'm looking for at solution to copy data to multiple remotes. The problem is the remotes have limited space available, and when 1 remote is full it should continue to use the next.

Is this even possible? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Read about rclone Union remote.

You can combine multiple remotes into one.

Tried that. By either im not doing it right or something.

Ive had 3 remote set, and merge with union. But when i tried upload i got errors with path/conflict/folder

Best bet would be to post the full help and support template and what you've done as Union is the generally the answer there but without any details or what you did, it's tough to say what needs to be adjusted.

Rclone Union Rules are not working for me.
I have made an upload script that checks the free space of a remote against the upload size and if there is not enough space on the remote another remote is checked.

I use rclone union in very similar setup and it works flawlessly. Problems you experience are most likely result of wrong policies used.

Which policies are you using?

epall, mfs, ff - but it all depends on what you want to achieve and what your remotes allow.

It's not working here.
Rclone ignores low space.

The problem is we have zero idea what remotes you are using or why or why not it might not be working.

That's why we beg/plead/ask folks to fill out the template as you waste your time and someone else that volunteers time without providing what is needed to help you.

I'am not need any help my Script Workaround does the job.

So please don't post bad information then as it's not helpful to the discussion.

That isn't helpful and just muddies the conversation since you've said something doesn't work, gave no details and said you don't need help.

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