Multiple parallel/simultaneous syncs/copies to multiple destinations

Beside a scheduled rclone sync at night I sometimes manually copy/sync directories between my local system and my drive. Due to the fact that in most cases such directories contain only one large file (e.g. 4k remux) rclone is not that fast compared to syncing multiple files at the same time.

Let me provide you with a daily problem I have:
Today, I had to copy two large directories from my local system to my gdrive. The problem is that both files have to copied to different destinations (e.g. dir 1 is copied to "series", dir 2 to "movies").

As a result, I have to "rclone copy /path/to/'dir 1' gdrive:/series/'dir 1'...." and than "rclone copy /path/to/'dir 2' gdrive:/movies/'dir 2'...."
The problem is that I have to wait until the first copy is done before I can copy the second dir... upload speed would be better when rclone would copy both files simultaneously... of course, I could upload the files simultaneously using e.g. "screen"... but this is obviously nonsense since it would not speed up the upload.
Is there a possibility to address two different sync/copy rclone jobs with different destinations at the same time in one single command? In my example the two directories would be copied to their destinations parallel/simultaneous by one command

Thx for your help

is there a reason to want to run just one rclone command?

you can have one batch file and run mutilple copies of rlcone at the same time

on windows

start rclone.exe copy source1 dest1:
start rclone.exe copy source2 dest2:

No.... I thought it could also work via command line with a single command instead of using a batch...but this is - of course - the most easiest way.
Thank you

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