Multiple OneDrive accounts on Ubuntu

I am a total newb here, just found about rclone. I’m going to be setting up a Plex Server on Ubuntu and I figured if I’m going to have the storage space, I might as well make some hard drives on the server as dedicated OneDrive spaces as well. We have Office 365, so we have 5 - 1TB accounts, but we only use 2 (and that’s all we’ll be using). One if my wife’s, one is mine. Can I set up rclone to sync two separate OneDrive accounts to back them both up? I’ll probably have each on separate physical drives in the server as well and have separate user accounts so we can both mount our OneDrives on our laptops while on the local network.

Sure. You set a a different named remote for each one then you can sync different things to them, eg onedrive1: onedrive2: onedrive3: etc.

rclone doesn’t have a a RAID these different accounts together feature though so you’d have to control what gets synced where manually.

BTW Thanks for pointing that out - I have Office 365 for the kid’s PC so they can use Word etc which means I’ve got 5 x 1TB cloud storage accounts to play with too!