Multiple interfaces with rclone? Any speed-up on just a residential wifi?

Can rclone take advantage of multiple wifi interfaces? I tried bonding on Ubuntu 20.04 without any difference from a single connection. Is the only solution to run separate rclone transfers on different interfaces?

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not sure if this will help

Thanks, I tried bonding two simple wifi adapters via Cockpit - round-robin, two adaptive load balancing algorithms... none of them made much difference, often were slower actually. I will check this link. I am trying to see if running two rclone transfers (bound to different IPs of those wifi adapters will work aka keep both 10Mbits (sad work from home reality).

EDIT: yes, this bind-string is what I'm trying at the moment. Ideally though rclone could bind two interfaces in one transfer

i am not a linux expert but round-robin does not seem the way to go.
did you try Adaptive transmit load balancing or Adaptive load balancing

we have linux experts and i am sure they will stop by soon.
and i am very curious as to what they will write.

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yes, I tried both Adaptive transmit load balancing or Adaptive load balancing, but maybe without enough determination after I saw round-robin fail - so this may be possible to aggregate multiple wifi NICs after all? That would be a huge save now!

Meanwhile I saw --bind option not working - under "Limitations" in man pages it said that "Note that --bind isn’t supported."... Transfers just defaulted to the first interface.

if you want help about --bind then you need to post the command with debug log.

where did you read that, can you post the link to it?

thanks, maybe it won't be necessary as I think I got bonding to work after all...

I found this in documentation pages packaged with rclone on ubuntu 20.04, which are also available online here: www.manpages.ubuntu. com/manpages/disco/man1/rclone.1.html - this particular paragraph is the second "--bind" term on the page. I'm curious as it wasn't clear to me from the context why it said that.

that ubuntu link is for a version of rclone that is two years old

you should update

I see, yes the link was to 1.45-2, but the one I'm using is 1.50.2 installed with default apt-get and this limitation was mentioned in mine as well. I realize it's still not the latest (Nov 2019) it may be worth mentioning that I couldn't find --bind option being addressed anywhere in the changelog since its introduction in 1.38

It's fine for me though since I got wifi bonding to work after all, using --bind wouldn't be a favourable solution anyway.

An application wouldn't really take advantage of interfaces as that's a layer below them.

If you team interfaces together, bind would be how you ensure that it goes out on the right interface as you can ensure traffic goes out in a specific IP i.e. your teamed interface that you setup.

The OS has to route multiple connection of those interfaces so your mileage may very depending on your OS.

yes exactly, for me networking is still complicated, but that was the conclusion I arrived eventually at as well.

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