Multiple inputs for a single copy command?

I was wondering if rclone supports syntax like the following:

rclone copy <path to file 1> <path to file 2> <path to file 3> :someremote:/path/to/directory

to copy multiple files into a single directory. If not, I was wondering what the closest alternative would be.

might want to use

rclone copy / :someremote:/path/to/directory --include-from=./include.txt

and this is the content of include.txt

/<path to file 1>
/<path to file 2>
/<path to file 3>

or use multiple --include
rclone copy / --include="/<path to file 1>" --include="/<path to file 2>" --include="/<path to file 3>" :someremote:/path/to/directory

and there are more options, depending on the real path names and filename extensions.

Thanks for the response. It seems like the right thing to use is the --files-from option?

There is no really one right way.

You can use:

  1. --include
  2. --files-from
  3. --filter
  4. --filter-from

Whichever works for you better is OK

welcome, yeah, rclone is flexible, often multiple ways to get something done.

filters apply to the source, as per rclone docs:
"To test filters without risk of damage to data, apply them to rclone ls, or with the --dry-run and -vv flags."

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