Multiple files one at a time to multiple gdrives simultaneously

I'm new to rclone, before I get started and start learning how to use Rclone,(I'm on windows)
I would like to know if it meets my need.

1.) Is it possible to upload multiple files, but one at a time to different google drives simultaneously?i.e running multiple upload fibers where each fiber has a list of files to upload and each file is uploaded one at a time in that fiber.(e.g. if 10 fibers are running at a time,then 10 files are being uploaded at a time.
2.) And is there any 10 google accounts at a time only limit?

If this is already discussed somewhere,link to that page
If there a tutorial,link
If there isn't, would really appreciate any help on how I can go about achieving this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Yes but not in one command. You can run two rclone's and upload to the two or you can try the beta multi-write union.

There is no limit.

It may be helpful to understand your question more around #1 because I answered them at face value but I have a feeling that you meant something slightly different.

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