Multipart Uploads to Digital Ocean Spaces

Hi there,

I am using rclone rclone v1.43, os/arch: linux/amd64, go version: go1.11 to copy some large files to Digital Ocean Spaces (s3).

What I am experiencing is that if I cancel it, the multipart parts are not being canceled and the “used storage” and “amount of files” reported by DO keeps increasing.

For example, I have 1k files and 20GB reported on DO Spaces, but I was only uploading a 12 GB file which I cancelled a few times.

rclone size remote:path shows the correct size, but after I contacted DO support, their answer was that multipart uploads were probably pending until deletion or finishing.

They further suggest something like this:

You can use some s3cmd commands like the following to manage your multipart uploads:
Show multipart uploads: s3cmd multipart s3://BUCKET [Id]
Abort a multipart upload: s3cmd abortmp s3://BUCKET/OBJECT Id
List parts of a multipart upload: s3cmd listmp s3://BUCKET/OBJECT Id

Those commands are from Other libraries may have similar commands so I’d recommend checking their documentation if you use something different.

So my question is, is there something similar for rclone?
Or maybe… shouldn’t rclone take care of this, once we cancel a multipart upload (CTRL-C)?

Is there any way I can use rclone to cancel any pending multipart uploads or do I have to go via s2cmd?