Multi-thread sync/copy over RPC

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I'm using librclone.RPC("sync/copy", ...). I know copy has some multi-thread flags.

      --multi-thread-chunk-size SizeSuffix          Chunk size for multi-thread downloads / uploads, if not set by filesystem (default 64Mi)
      --multi-thread-cutoff SizeSuffix              Use multi-thread downloads for files above this size (default 256Mi)
      --multi-thread-streams int                    Number of streams to use for multi-thread downloads (default 4)
      --multi-thread-write-buffer-size SizeSuffix   In memory buffer size for writing when in multi-thread mode (default 128Ki)

My questions are:

  1. Is my RPC call multi-threaded if my files are above the default 256Mi?
  2. How can I pass different values for these flags via the RPC call?

Like any other global flag:

$ rclone rc options/get | grep -i multi
		"MultiThreadChunkSize": 67108864,
		"MultiThreadCutoff": 268435456,
		"MultiThreadSet": false,
		"MultiThreadStreams": 4,
		"MultiThreadWriteBufferSize": 131072,

then use options/set to set this to required value as per example from docs:

$ rclone rc options/set --json '{"main": {"LogLevel": "DEBUG"}}'

All details in docs.

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