Moving multiple folders - Gdrive encrypted mount

I want to move some folders from one library to another. Is it better to do that via rclone move or via the WEBUI at google directly? Google would make it easier for me as a layman. But there might be some disadvantages if I do it one way or the other. What do do you think?

rclone doesn’t care (provided you aren’t using the cache backend), so just move them in the web GUI if that is easier for you.

Old thread but i have a similar question.
I want to move several folders into a newly created folder.

They are all inside a crypted remote.

If i were to identify the destinationfolder using google official webGUI, could i just move it all in the webGUI and rclone wont care, just refresh?

And ive heard there is a limit to how much you can move per day in gdrive, someone knows?

Try not to bump old threads. You can use:

"Moves" have no limit as you are just renaming/moving.

Animosity is correct here.
And yes, it is perfectly fine to manually move encrypted files around - even outside of rclone.
The main problem with doing that is that it is quite difficult to identify the encrypted name of the fodlers you want to move (unless you use unencrypted folder names, which is an option).

But you can also just do this inside of rclone. Doing moves in rclone will make them move on the server (not be downloaded and then re-uploaded). You can even do this on a mount - and then it's as easy as dragging and dropping folders where you want them to do. The benefit of doing it inside rclone is that you can actually see easily what you are moving...

I often push the full quota to an encrypted Google Drive and find the easiest option is to use a set of folders in the 'Shared Drive'.

You can then simply drag the selected Shared Drive folder and all it's contents to the GDrive folder via the web interface.

Takes moments :slight_smile: