Moving files from google team drive to personal space via website

this isn't an rclone specific question, but more of am I doing something wrong in google.

I had a lot of files (many small) that were on my google team drive. I dragged and dropped them to my personal drive within google's website, and then within an rclone mount then moved diretories (not individual files) around to proper locations. But it seems, many files were lost in this process (not the end of the world, but annoying). i.e. directories were in their proper position, but not all of their files.

did I do something wrong? did I expose a bug in google?

It takes time. A lot of time. Drive website also uses internal api which has rate limiting. Check activity on google drive.

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so, the answer is, if I move things within rclone (or perhaps even within website) around before it finishes, things will be lost? i.e. I should do the move, and then wait a few days before I order things around?

I honestly thought it would just be a "reparent" operation as it would all be a single global namespace, but I guess I'm wrong.

Yeah... once I moved 150k files via website it took around 2 days.

how can one know if/when its done? from a UI perspective the root dir you move just disappears from the team drive and appears in the personal drive

check activity on drive/shared drive.

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