Moving files and rclone re-syncing?

Hello, I’ve noticed weird rclone behavior.

My backup destination (using rclone sync) is on SFTP. Recently, i moved my SFTP to another server and i moved the files on the dest. I then came back to my rclone and changed the server name. Now i am running sync and it is re-uploading files i already have in the dest. The files have not changed on the destination. Is there explained behavior for this?

File timestamps changed?

If you run with -v rclone will tell you why it is uploading files.

It looks like rclone is uploading the same files, but putting a + in the files.. rclone output says each file is uploaded as new.

It looks like its changing the spaces to a +.

Here's a screenshot.


It looks like when i backed up from onedrive, it put a + in all files with a space, so rclone is now putting the appropriate files back…

This was a bug in the onedrive remote, fixed in the betas so that makes sense!