Moving encrypted files from another Google Drive account

I encrypted my files with crypt to Google Drive.

Then I moved those files to another Google Drive account using the 'Shared Drives' feature, with which you can basically move TBs of data in seconds between Google Drive accounts.

I made a new crypt remote for the new account.

My question now is, will I be able to access the encrypted files from the new crypt? Or is that going to be a problem?

if you create a new remote with the same crypt settings, you should be able to acesss encrypted files in the new crypt


But how is that possible?

Say someone gets access to my encrypted files, wouldn't they just bey able to make a new crypt and decrypt my files to access them?

Not sure what I'm missing...

when you create the crypted remote, you are asked for two passwords.
all folders/files are encrypted using those two passwords.

so if someone got hold of an encrypted file then that person would need to

  • know that the file was encrypted with rclone.
  • know the two passwords to decrypt the file.
  • create a remote using rclone.

Oh makes sense.

I used the same password with both crypts, so that is why I was able to decrypt the files from the new crypt.


if you any other questions, let me know.

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