Moving between multiple team drives and GDrive (Encrypted)


I have a TeamDrive full of content (almost a couple 100TB) that gets updated multiple times daily and I was wondering how a certain workflow would work.


  1. Team Drive 1 syncs content with Team Drive 2
  2. Team Drive 2 renames files from Team Drive 1 once they sync
  3. Team Drive 3 syncs content with GDrive Encrypted once they fully sync

Assumption to achieve desired workflow:

Step 1 (in a service file/tmux):

rclone sync --track-renames teamdrive1:/content teamdrive2:/content

Step 2 (in a service file/tmux):

filebot <auto rename> teamdrive2:/content

Step 3 (in a service file/tmux):

rclone sync teamdrive2:/content gdrive:/encrypt/

Four questions:

  1. Would this work?
  2. Is it possible to make the transfer time not as slow? Because at 750GB/day that would take 200 days with 100TB of content.
  3. Can I do a “one-way” sync for step three? As whatever is on Team Drive 2 goes to gdrive, not the other way around.
  4. Does --track-renames work with folder renames and/or moves/deletes? (E.g /file/location/filename.ext to /newfile/newlocation/newfilename.ext)


I’m not 100% clear what you are trying to achieve - can you state what your objectives are?

There are ideas about doing copies with multiple users to get round this, but we haven’t implemented anything yet. You could do the copies with multiple users manually though (using a service account and --drive-impersonate)

Syncs are only ever one way so they only ever copy source to destination. It might be that you want an rclone copy instead which copies from source to destination, but doesn’t delete the files on destination which aren’t in source.

Yes it does. Note that it only works with rclone sync though.

Essentially my goal is to get all the content from one team-drive (unencrypted) to my personal GDrive with encryption. With the catch of sorting through the data automatically, as in renaming files and moving files into correct folders (the moving into correct folders will only happen once). A bypass to track renames not working through crypts, I guess.

So if stop a sync, switch accounts to a different GSA it will pick up from where it left off?

With the delete file and sync, will it try to resync even if I have deleted it at the destination?

Also if I move a file around in TeamDrive 2 after its already been synced to Team Drive 3 will it automatically update the location on Team Drive 3?


I see.

Ah you mean --track-renames not working with crypt - I see.

That will work today, yes

If you delete a file at the destination, then run a sync source -> dest then rclone will try to replace the file.

Only if you use sync with --track-renames and 2 & 3 are unencrypted…

So my plan should work?

I can stop that by adding an exclude argument so that’s easy enough.

Okay that makes sense, it doesn’t work through crypts. I’ll just make sure everything is in the correct place before I start Team Drive 2 to Crypt sync.


Cross fingers!

Test carefully with the --dry-run flag first would be my advice.