Move files between GDRIVE encrypted folders

I need to move files between 2 folders on the same GDRIVE encrypted mount... how do you guys recommend to do that?

Do i need to download all files to move them to a different folder?

if you are moving files withing the same remote, then just move them as you would move any file.
if you use a debug log, you can see what rclone is doing.

Do you mean, copy/move directly from OS as a normal folder... or is there any rclone move method?

What OS are you running?
What version of rclone are you running?

You can use rclone mount and just interact with the mounted file system.

You can use rclone move on the remote as well.

  • Debian
  • Rclone the latest

The question is which way is the safest with gdrive? Talking about 1TB of info.

What does rclone version show? The latest isn't helpful :frowning:


You can use rclone mount and move then with OS tools provided they are within the same mount. You can use rclone move to move them server side.

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