Move and rename

Hi guys
anyone have an idea of how to move files from one storage to another by changing the filename automatically?
on my stock A I have files of type "[11111111] mon.fichier.ok" and I would like to move them to my stock B in "mon.fichier.ok"
I cannot necessarily rename from my live Stok
we can do it in 2 steps

  1. renaming of all Stock A files
  2. transfer to Stock B
    if possible I would like to avoid mounting my stock A and / or B

You'd probably write a script and use rclone copyto with the source name and the new name.

You'd have to work out some logic on how you want to rename the files though.

If you can explain the logic a bit and how you'd want it to work, I'm sure someone can help out a bit.

Are you using Windows or Linux?

thank you for your reply.
I am debian, and actually we would need a script that lists all the files in folder A which I copy to folder B by replacing "[11111111]" with ""

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