Mounting on windows?

Is there any current way to mount rclone on windows with amazon cloud drive/crypt remote?

It also seems that WSL/ubuntu for windows does not support fuse mounting

Ask for it here:

The problem is with windows and fuse, this guys are making some good work on it:

And rclone is mentioned quite a lot here:

For my home needs I setup a virtualbox VM with Alpine linux and samba so i share my rclone drives to windows ( the whole system is around 400MB )

Hopefully at one point we will have native windows mount.

Thanks, I think ill do that. I’ve been meaning to try alpine as well. Do you use the ‘virtual’ release?

Just want to say this worked great for me so far. Only issue is that I only get about 4-6 MB/s it seems, when I’m capable of getting speeds from amazon when using rclone normally about 5-8 times greater than that. Any idea how to make it more effective?

Check how much ram your machine uses.

Do you use any init scripts/local.d to mount? If so are you able to share?

I guess busybox cron doesn’t have @reboot so I’m trying to use local.d. I have something crude setup like this to mount my unencrypted amazon cloud drive root and another crypt remote within that:


/usr/sbin/rclone mount acd: /home/user/acd/ --allow-other --config /home/user/.rclone.conf --read-only --no-modtime &
/usr/sbin/rclone mount crypt: /home/user/crypt/ --allow-other --config /home/user/.rclone.conf --read-only --no-modtime &


umount -l /home/user/acd
umount -l /home/user/crypt
rc-service fuse restart
rc-service samba restart

Seems to be working ok for now, short of doing something like a cron job to check/remount if there’s any problem, any other suggestions?

Also, how do I get rid of:

2017/01/18 14:31:30 Couldn't find home directory or read HOME environment variable.
2017/01/18 14:31:30 Defaulting to storing config in current directory.
2017/01/18 14:31:30 Use -config flag to workaround.
2017/01/18 14:31:30 Error was: user: Current not implemented on linux/amd64

I mount with systemctl on boot and have a cron running that will remount if disconnected.
In last 70+ days my mount never got disconnected ( except when i had some ISP problems )



          • sleep 00; /home/plex/scripts/acd.cron >/dev/null 2>&1
          • sleep 15; /home/plex/scripts/acd.cron >/dev/null 2>&1
          • sleep 30; /home/plex/scripts/acd.cron >/dev/null 2>&1
          • sleep 45; /home/plex/scripts/acd.cron >/dev/null 2>&1

and in my script iam checking if file exist ( had problems when mount was shown but it was empty )

if [[ ! -f “/storage/.acd/encrypted/acd-check” ]]; then

in acd mount i always unmount and remount.

p.s. Iam also stopping Plex server in case mount is off ( had problems with amazon account locks and hated when Plex was marking all files as unavailable )

Hey @Ajki,

I’m trying to do similar to you (samba share my “content” folder from a linux VM on a Windows host) and Plex can see everything, and it’s scanning in to the library fine, but I cannot play anything via Plex, I just get the generic “there was an error playing this item” in the web player.

Any ideas?

Check if your videos are analyzed

They are… Hrmmm, I also can’t directly play the file on the windows host with any media player just browsing the samba share, so there must be something else going on.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Sounds like a permissions issue.

All files are 777 in Linux and shared in Samba as the user that owns them. I can write to the folder, rename the files, copy them out (slowly) and move them around from either system.

I am starting to think it’s Virtual Box networking doing something because the transfer rate on a copy operation is abysmal.

I gave up and installed Ubuntu as the host os now. Everything is working almost perfectly now. Just wish I could get analog tv with ir blasters working in Linux…

Something happen…:slight_smile:

rclone becoming perfect tool, few more mount major tweaks like:

  • local nodes cache ( instant file access, timestamps etc…, instant play no waiting for 10 to 30sec+ and no more gdrive bans )
  • local cache when saving file directly in mount ( no need for rclone copy/move but just drop files directly to mount without any errors )

They working on it :slight_smile: