Mounting my dropbox account to a folder?

Hello!, So, this seems like a really basic use case but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it.

I have a home server running unRAID and want to use rclone to set up my cloud services on a share. I have Amazon and Google drive all set up and working perfectly but after doing the same steps with Dropbox I kinda have it half-working.
Basically I can mount the folder and browse it, most of the files show up and I can download/upload stuff but many folders, particularly the “Camera Upload” one, show up completely empty even though that’s wrong.

Here’s the command I use to mount it:
“rclone mount --max-read-ahead 1024k --allow-other dropbox: /mnt/user/sync_services/dropbox &”

Am I doing something wrong? Anything you guys would recommend?.
Thanks! :D.

That looks correct.

If you use rclone ls dropbox: does it see files in the Camera Upload directory?

How about with rclone 1.36 (just released?)

it does seem to list everything correctly. Here’s a snippet of the result:

3618868 Camera Uploads/2016-02-02 18.28.54.jpg
2086394 Camera Uploads/2013-07-06 22.42.21.jpg
5116429 Camera Uploads/2015-08-13 20.02.31.jpg
1511902 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-06-04 19.40.50.png
1877456 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-05-23 20.18.24.png
1485255 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-07-30 16.14.50.png
1504467 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-07-26 23.43.34.png
2966516 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-06-04 19.41.02.png
2546532 Screenshots/Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.05.36.png
494569 Nexus 6P/EFS/recovery.log

All 3 of those folders (Camera Uploads, Screenshots and Nexus 6P) show up as empty when browsing the mounted share.

As for version it looks like I’m using 1.35.

Try 1.36 - I think this may have been fixed already…

Sorry about the delay but yeah, 1.36 seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!.