Mounting Gdrive with rclone to work like a local one

So I have been using rclone to mount my drives to my PC as a test.

When I upload / "write" to that directory, my local storage at the mount point is also being used up. Did some reading, found that this is most likely rclone "redoing" things to compromise for the <100% reliability of cloud drives.

Is there a way to limit that redo cache that is being used up? Last time I did it the whole PC's storage was used up and it failed to upload.

The goal is for me to mount it with options to mimic a local drive for reading and writing. What are the options I should add?

And as a note, why isn't gdrive being recognized as the good unlimited storage anymore? I feel like even though they are closing the gaps, it is still quite the good deal. Or rather, how good is it for/what do we expect to change?

Thanks for reading!
newb here, first post, but long time rclone user.

hello and welcome to the forum,

best to start a new topic using the help and support template, not off topic, and answer all the questions.

Oh I see, will do. Thanks for letting me know!