Mounting from a different server

quick question:
I have recently changed servers and re-installed rclone v.1.36 on a new machine. I have setup rclone to connect to my existing google drive account where I have my files encypted with remotes named the same.

When I browse to the mount on Ubuntu file explorer all the files are showing as encrypted, (on the old server where I moved the files from originally, obviously showed the original file names) thus plex not recognising them on the new server. Is there a way to show all the original files names again on the new server?

Excuse the noobish question, I am new to rclone!


Hello !!

did you simply create the new remote ?

To decrypt everything you need to create the remote, then create a second one encrypt / decrypt wich is based on the first one (rclone config choice 5) And use the same password en salt

Thanks for the reply, yes I have made an unencrypted remote called gdrive: and an encrypted remote gdrive_crypt_series:/ with path /Series/Encypted and gdrive_crypt_movies:/ path /Movies/Encrypted.

I had exactly the same remotes with same passwords on the old server, but when do an rclone mount gdrive_crypt_series:/ /path/to/mount on the new server, the files all appear but all show as encrypted on the mount.

Have you try to copy from your old server the .rclone.conf file to the new server and use it in order to get exactly the same passphrase for password and salt ?

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ah, now I got it thanks! working now…

Hello, What did you do to make it work ?

I hadn’t copied over the rclone config file as you suggested! Doing this solved it thanks!

(just in the nick of time, my old server is due to be closed today)

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