Mounting ACD with decryption for reading

Q1. What kind of impact will this have on the CPU?

Q.2. How is the file accessed just read and decrypted on the fly or downloaded and decrypted then read?

Setup history
Server A sync’s to ACD encrypted data
Server B mount’s and Decrypt’s ACD Plex remote A
Server C mount’s and Decrypt’s ACD Plex remote B

Fairly minimal on a modern CPU. rclone can encrypt at 200 MByte/s on my laptop - depending on how fast your connection is you’ll reach a small faction of this. There is also the overhead of doing https to amazon which uses CPU.

It is accessed on the fly. The latest beta works with seeking and ACD so I recommend you try that. Note that uploading to ACD via a mount works less well so your proposed plan is a good one.

cool thank you,

I was expecting to see high CPU use with Rclone -mount, but due to limations of this cheap VPS
The problem I am now seeing is the Cpu usage can go over 200% from rclone when using -mount it would impact the other application.
I have a found a work around for this
I have added CPUWeight=6.2% to my mount.Service file that has limited the CPU that has worked well . rclone -mount use will not spike above 82% CPU usage

I am not worried about the Sync Server is fine using maybe 18% CPU max high end E5
Server B and C, are Cheap $7 US per month VPS’s, it has 4 vCPU’s and 6 GB Memory but clearly I need two more cores for smooth setup

I tried the beta, well it mounts good but to choppy seek did work was quick,
I will test this later, on fresh VPS, only a 5 to 10 min install and see how it goes.
Seem to be getting slow speeds from amazon right now. with beta,

People have been recording that it is slow with ACD - I haven't figured out why yet though

Cool I was seeing slow network speeds at the Dallas site the LA site is better now and can play 1080
I say it’s more to do with the hosting company and location of VPS.’

After a test from ACD to home its fine, I am maxing my link with encryption on. looks like that’s vps used for testing are garbage and the links are saturated.

It seems to be good now can stream large file 20gb

Seek times out for me on anything over 20-30 minutes that will be due to I can’t get the data as quick as it would like.
So back to my original question about CPU ok so I do need a 6 CPU+ VPS running on good infrastructure for ultra-smooth no issue play back I am still playing with that as the system it on is E5-2697 v3.
Note: I am using the beta you linked.

I would say that would be overkill - I would have thought rclone will use no more than 2 cores if you are playing a single stream. I suggest you do a bit of testing / benchmarking.

yes Your correct Sorry I missed line, 2 cpu’s for rclone then 4 cpu’s for other app

Just saw this thread and I have been asking around on how to decrypt to ACD. From what I have heard from others it sounds like they are using encfs reverse with rclone to upload and then encfs to decrypt on the fly for plex.

Is that how this setup is created? Didn’t see it specified or are you using the rclone mount to decrypt and stream to plex from ACD?

I think this is all done with rclone so using rclone mount with crypt

Hello Joseph,

I only use rclone it handles all I need, sync, encryption and mounting, very simple.
sync from one end to ACD other end mounts ACD

after upgrading to a better VPS, I am having lots of joy, seeing 20 to 30 Mb from amazon drive to my VPS.

I have rclone mount the drive as Plex
put the rclone.conf file in the plexmediaserver folder give it read write and execute permissions for plex same with the rest of rclone .

*remember to give Plex full ownership to the folder on the local system you intend to mount too.

then create a mount.Service file same as they do for Plex



ExecStart=/var/lib/plexmediaserver/rclone/rclone mount -v --no-modtime secret: /your/path
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -u /your/path


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Thanks so much for the reply guys. Im uploading to ACD as we speak and can’t wait to try mounting once its done!!