Mounted Gdrive not responding while opening a shared folder

Thanks a lot buddy

sure, bat dude...

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btw i was just curious, what you use instead of window explorer and can you suggest me some useful tips regarding pc. thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i use
it runs on windows, linux, and x11 on termux using android phone.
also, i use micro$oft awsome free windows server 2019 hyper-v edition a lot. it has no gui, cannot run windows explorer, has not desktop, icons and so on, but double commander works great.

not sure what you mean?

but it's still there, still freezing

what is the mount command you are using.

cool, lemme install it

mount --vfs-cache-mode full Gdrive_dalcop8:/ g: --config "C:\Users\Deep.config\rclone\rclone.conf"

did you read any of the links i shared?
did you try any of the flags i suggested?

yeah i read em but i am confused about how i should put those flags into my existing mount command, btw i tried double commander and its works flawlessly and everything works superfine. thanks for suggesting me that application.

yeah, it is superfine.

i work on a lot of window computers/servers.
so i run it as a portable app using the .zip file from

on my main computer, i have a folder c:\data\u\dcmd\ and unzip the files into that folder
then i can copy that folder to a new computer as needed, fully configured.

thanks a lot btw can you suggest me some useful application for windows, for daily life purpose.

btw its works with explorer, i followed your suggestion.i just optimize it to 'documents'

see, on your own, you figured it out.
as i do not use windows explorer, i could not offer good advice.

kind of hard to suggest general apps.
over 40+ years of being a micrsoftie, i have a great list of apps.
but you have to be specific.

again, as i work on many windows systems for many of my customers, i like portable apps.

might start with this

thanks a lot....

is there any dark theme for double commander?

you can create your own theme.

goto configuration/options/colors

it can be a little overwhelming at first.

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