Mounted drive using ubuntu browser to copy/paste using server side

i have 2 google team drives (both on same account) mounted on ubuntu and want to know is it possible to copy and paste using the ubuntu browser using server side copy?
I can server side copy 1 folders at a time using the rcloneBrowser GUI fine (using download button) as ive added server_side_across_configs = true to each drive
But i want to copy multiple folders which would be much easier to do on the browser but when i try it using my data

Rclone 1.50.2
ubuntu 20.4
google drive

can you post the mount commands?

i just used the GUI to mount so no commands. if there is a command line that i need to do please let me know

  • you should update rclone, to latest stable.

  • rclone, as with any program, is run via a command line.
    the GUI always run a rclone command line for you.

  • to see the rclone command,
    ps -aux | grep rclone

  • when you run the mount command using the gui, you might

where did you add the flag, to the config file for each remote?

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