Mount without FUSE on macOS

Using osxfuse on Apple Silicon is very difficult and it is blocked on IT managed machines. as a result, there is no way to mount folders on Apple Silicon.
Google Drive has already moved to using a network mount for their virtual file system. This is the way other apps are going to do it as well.

I tried using serve commands (with ftp and webdav) and mounting the local server, but they don't work very well and it cannot be automated.

I have a prototype for a serve nfs command. I can use it to mount my remotes as folders on my M1 mac. Considering that mounting NFS folders can be easily automated, I propose a new mount subcommand based on this feature.

Seems like a neat idea.

How do you want to folks to help out and test?

You can also start up a PR for it as well.

That sounds like a nice feature. Please make an issue for discussion and send a PR with that issue linked in if you've got code we can look at.

Though I do find rclone serve webdav works pretty well on Windows machines, I don't know about macOS.

I don't use it extensively for things like streaming but webDAV has worked very well for me on macOS. I prefer it over FUSE mounts since it terminates more cleanly if I kill the process or something.

I don't think it handles ModTime though so you lose that on your files if you care.

FWIW, I have never tested on ARM though.

I have the new mount command set up and I have it working seamlessly. I am using this on a daily basis and have found a few minor bugs.

Since I am doing this for work, I will need to seek approval to make contributions. I will send a PR once I have necessary approvals.

I tried webdav as well, but I couldn’t automate the mounting since there is no way to mount a webdav using command line

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