Mount with rclone inside samba share

I believe this is not strict to rclone but affects linux mount mechanism.

I have a ARM headless debian linux NAS.
I have a samba share on path /media/nas for all other computers.
I want to mount my Google Drive on /media/nas/cloud/Drive to be available to other computers via samba.

When I run rclone mount Drive:/ /media/nas/cloud/Drive then Drive folder disappears from Windows computers but mount happens because I have access on Google Drive via /media/nas/cloud/Drive only from NAS ssh console.

So for sure it is not problem of rclone.

What I can do, to mount an rclone cloud storage inside samba share? or a workaround of this?

This is probably due to permissions. Have you got --allow-other on the rclone mount?

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It works! You are awesome!

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