Mount two Google Drives


i use a vps with rclone to backup files to a google drive accout.
Thats working fine with a crypted mount and so on.

I have another Unlimited GDrive EDU Account - when i try to mount that too i get this when i create the connection:

2017/08/05 11:32:12 ERROR : Failed to save new token in config file: section ‘name’ not found

I can complete the creation and i can mount it - but only if my first mount is not mounted.

I can`t get it to work with two seperate accounts connected at the same time…

Is this not possible?

It is possible. Are you running them both as the same user? I have many rclone mounts to many different providers all running at hte same time between root and my standard user account.

I tried it with the same user…

Will check if i can mount another drive with another user account.

_EDIT_Wow! thanks for that tip. Works fine under another user.

Should also work under the same user.