Mount - SFTP vs SSHFS

I want to setup a remote server and mount the drives for plex. Getting a synology product.

Anyone have experience doing this on your own instead of using google or amazon?

What would be the best way to mount a remote server? SFTP is supported by rclone so that’s easy but speeds aren’t the best I’m assuming. Is SSHFS + mounting without rclone a better option? Any thoughts on the best way to do this? Needs to pull up to 4 concurrent streams 40mbps.

NSF isn’t secure so I would need to use rclone encrypt? I’d prefer to keep the data unencrypted on the server.


i was using NFS on my main remote server to mount the HDD from an another remote server and it was good(speed etc.).

I wasn’t going to use rclone encrypt on this server. So I was hoping to use a secure mode of transfer. I figured NSF would be best but no encryption.

Would it be best to use NSF and rclone encrypt? I was just hoping to keep data on the server unencrypted but with secure transfer.