Mount rcrypt on a remote vm

Hi all,

can anyone give me a short tutorial for mounting my crypted stuff from a remote vm ?

I copied some crypted stuff from my ACD to vm now i want to decrypt this stuff on the local vm or from a remote vm. i have setuped a second vm booth are running with ubuntu 16.04 and rclone 1.36.

Thanks alot

What I have done is downloading encrypted data, and sending (as it is) to another Cloud Storage, and then using the same password and salt from ACD. Things work perfectly, I can now see my files perfectly without the need to decrypt / reencrypt

Ye i found the solution in an other thread just repclace the remote path in rclone.conf with the local path.
Im using multicloud to bring my files from ACD to Gdrive its not really fast “2,5Mb/s” but its really simple and the files goes relaxed from a to b :slight_smile:

acd-429-too-many-requests < this way seems very very complicated and needs alot of time for setup :open_mouth: