Mount Rclone With all Shared Drive

Hello Team, I Want to Mount Drive With All My TD/Share Drive So I Can Manage All Files at one Place,

It Will be Easy to Copy/Move Files between Share Drive.

Please Guide Me How I Can Mount With My All Available Share Drive on one Drive Like DriveFileStream.

and I also want that Mounted Drive Won't Download/cache anything

(Just list of file as explorer)


this should work, tho there might be a better way.
create a union remote and mount that with --read-only

When I Use --read-only It Won't Allow me to Move Files,

not an expert with gdrive and shared drives,

but i would think

  1. create a remote for gdrive
  2. get a list of shared drives and create a remote for each one
  3. create a union containing each of those remotes

well, you stated that you wanted

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