Mount rclone at boot - Synology

Anyone running rclone on a synology that was able to mount it at boot?

I placed a script (that I made sure it runs ok with start/stop) over at /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ but no dice.

Also, a newly created triggered task from within the DSM UI doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?


Yup! I have it working well as far as I can tell.

On the Synology, login to the web gui, go to control panel, Task Scheduler.

Click on the create dropdown, triggered task.
Fill out the description name and everything. make sure you specify the shell script on the bottom including the path, and make sure you have the event as boot-up.

Of course once you have that there, do the same thing for an unmount script at shutdown.

Hope this helps!

Hi there,

I’ve just discovered the combination of ACD and rclone and I would like to have an script to mount my ACD at boot on my Synology. The thing is that I have no idea of how to make a script so… could you tell me what I have to do?


My script, for example in /volume1/media/ only contain

/usr/bin/rclone mount acd_enc: /volume1/folder/media/ -v --no-modtime --retries 40 --allow-other
then connect on SSH you have to execute this make the script executable ==>

sudo chmod +x /volume1/media/

Then Go to Task scheduler, Create new planned task
user : root
event : Boot

Script : sh /volume1/media/

If you want logs you can create a file somewhere you can easy accesand replace the script in the scheduler task by

sh /volume1/media/ >> /somewhere/you/can/easy/acces/MountScript.log 2>&1

Hope it helps

I chose a different path.

As I prefer running rclone as a user, and with easy access to it, I added this command to task scheduler (as user > boot-up).

tmux new -d -s mount 'rclone mount acdc:vault/media/ /volume1/media/ --config /volume1/stuff/scripts/.rclone.conf --read-only --allow-other --buffer-size 350M -v’”

If I need to change somthing, or check somthing really quick, I just ssh and “tmux at -t mount”.


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