Mount losing file type on Gdrive

When I move a .mkv movie file to gdrive with rclone copy it maintains the file type as a “Video”. However, when I move the same .mkv movie to gdrive with rclone mount, the file type shows up as “Binary File” in the gdrive web interface which means I cant play the video using the native web video player. The file extension is still .mkv but for some reason gdrive no longer recognizes it as a “Video”.

Is there a way to fix this? Is this a known issue or am I missing an option?

Which OS are you running?

Does the same thing happen when you copy a JPEG file say?

I have a feeling this is because the OS understands that the file is a Video file, but the go runtime doesn’t just by looking at the filename

Turns out it was an issue with the script I was using to move files (it conflicted with the server side renaming). Sorry for the confusion!

Glad you sorted it as I really wasn’t sure what was going on!

I’ve had the same problem and come across this thread while trying to find an answer.

I’m using Sonarr and Radarr, both do the same. Whenever a file is found in the Sabnzbd download folder, it’s copied by their post-processing scripts as file.partial~ to an Rclone mount folder on Google Drive. When its finished copying, the file is renamed without the .partial~.

Any file uploaded this way is detected as a binary file by Drive, and is not playable as a video through their web interface. If I use Rclone copy, its detected as a Video.

I’ve got a debug log of the mounted upload if that’s any use?

This thread is about 2 years old. If you could make a new thread and share your version and examples.