Mount for User on Home - A Rant

I'm a bit pissed about GNOME, becauses It's a hell using Mount on Linux.
I have Linux on a Laptop, but it is currently not usable for daily work!
The only cause why it is not usable ist the shitty ability for mounting.
With Flatpak and Snap it even got more worse then imagined.
My Family use Linux, thanks to me, Until recently they did not need a laptop so mounting is even a shit, but a bit more usable.

A standard user would never been able to use Linux on a laptop because he will never figure out how to use network mounts. Currently i have do it with root.
It was easy for me to figure out how to setup wireguard and create a VPN to connect my NAS. But Mounting never worked without problems.

Until now I was not able to find a suitable solution to work with network shares.
Standard Gnom shares are not stable if you close the lid of your Laptop and go to standby or hibernation. You permenently have to check if you are still online because also temoporary no internet could fuckup the internet connection.
Because ther is no permanent network share you could not store templates or other data on nas. Also Many apps do not show Mounts in the file dialog so you have to use the shit special dir on /run/user/1000/gvfs

And now with SNAP I'm not able to connect the a network share.

What I wish, is a way for normal user. To mount their own network share in a Way AutoFS does, so an application that need something outomatically trigger a reconnect if the share was lost.

What I also wish, it would be nice, but I do not really have hope here. Is a kind of virtualFS way to mount things so the system could store filies in sync. Like OneDrive, DropBox and even Nextcloud under Windows work!

If I do not find a way how three users could share one Laptop with their own network shares connected and some SNAP pakage like Onlyoffice and access to these networks. I will give them a Windows 11. I'm fucking tired fighting with mounting issues.