Mount & Finder - tags?

I'm using rclone to mount a Google Drive drive directory in my Mac so that I can use them in Finder. But it seems like tags aren't working when I try to tag the files.

First Finder asks me for my account password, then the error is "The operation can't be completed because you don't have the necessary permissions".

Is there some switch that I have to enable in the mount command? The following is what I'm using now:

rclone mount --daemon-timeout 120m  --vfs-cache-mode writes --allow-other --allow-non-empty GD_encrypt: ~/drive &

You really do not want to use non empty as it allows for over mounting and hiding things.

Tags are a MacOS specific thing and not something you can set on your google drive.

Thanks for the tip about non-empty, have removed it

My understanding is that tag metadata are stored in a hidden file called .DS_Store. Reading comments about this file in Google Drive searches is that people are asking if they can delete it, which means its there. Strange that rclone doesn't seem to allow it.

No, they are extended attributes on a file.

You can check the file by using something like:

xattr -p

But it prints out the hex numbers for the colors so not especially useful.

DS_Store is fo finder and used for views and such on folders. You can remove it and see the tags do not go away on the file.

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