Mount external m3u url


I have file in a m3u list.


and so on

I made a text file with

is it possible to mount the text file, and have rclone add the hxxp://ipaddress/movie/user/pass/ in front so I dont have to store the file locally?

Im sure theres a function for m3u list to work with rclone but I've been looking all over and I cannot find any exemple.

Let me know


If there was a directory listing at hxxp://ipaddress/movie/usr/pass then you can use the http backend for this. Is there?

Theres no back end. If I type hxxP//ipaddress/getphp?username=usr:password=pass:type=m3u

I get the m3u list with the other format with



and so on...

So can I create my own list just by leaving the titles and mount it and it adds the url when I request it. I dont want to store the files.

THanks for your help

Rclone can't quite do this at the moment. If there was a directory index of the files then you could use rclone's http backend, but it doesn't look like there is.

I wonder I this is possible with php/.htaccess redirect with a map. And then use rclone http. makes a little complicated, I guess I got to create a virtual index.

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