Mount + buffer folder

Hello! I use this command for mount one drive but i dont have much space for buffer.
I want use another hard drive for this.
What my code will be?

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full one:/ z:

Thank you for help!


you can move the cache dir to another location using
--cache-dir string Directory rclone will use for caching

for example

must be like that?
rclone mount --vfs--cache-dir=d:\path\to\foldermode full one:/ z:

thank you!!

try this
rclone mount -vv --vfs-cache-mode=full --cache-dir=d:\path\to\folder one:/ z:

if you add -vv to the command, for debug output, you should see something like this

vfs cache: root is "\\\\?\\D:\\rclone\\cache\\vfs\\remote"
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ohhh thank you so much my dear brother. I am greatful.

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