Mount AWS S3 bucket stored into eu-west-3 region


I am a new user of rclone (and thanks, it's so useful). My data are stored into different S3 bucket located in the AWS Paris DataCenter (eu-west-3). I found how to mount an S3 bucket as a Drive using rclone with some random data stored in Dublin (using this tutorial: How to Mount Amazon S3 as a Filesystem in Linux, Windows, and macOS, and selecting region 6). However I don't found the possibility of connecting data stored in Paris.
Did I something wrong? Or do you know if this feature will be available in the future?

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If the version of rclone you are using doesn't have the eu-west-3 region (the latest version v1.58.1 does) then you can just type it in rather than selecting a number when using rclone config.

I hope that helps.

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