Mount at reboot?

What is the best way to mount and acd mountpoint at at boot?
I’m using Ubuntu

I already tried to put the following in crontab -e, but that doesn’t seem to work. If I then use the same command in ssh then plex can connect to the mountpoint again

@reboot sleep 20; rclone mount eacd: /home/root/acd/encrypted --allow-other --no-modtime --dir-cache-time=2m --max-read-ahead 200M --transfers 20 --checkers 40 &

That doesn’t work because rclone mount runs in the foreground.

That is something I should fix, unfortunately it isn’t straight forward in go (unlike C) due to its massive use of threading.

In the mean time the modern thing would be to write a systemd unit script and run it under that

Here is a good resource:

I spawn a screen which runs rclone:

screen -dmS rclone /$PATHTORCLONE$/rclone mount --allow-other mymount:MyFolder /$PATHTOMYMOUNTLOCATION$/

my crontab -e contains:

@reboot /$PATHTOMY$/

My file contains a bunch of necessary startup commands including mounting with rclone, this has worked consistently for me.

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