Mount and mount2. Any benefit that i use mount2?

Hello there, I mount my folder (media library) with normal mount command on my ubuntu server.

It has any benefit if that i use mount2 command? What the difference on two command?

Mount2 is around for testing and should not really be used.

Yes i read it that is a test command, but only found that is support mac mount. But not found any other difference.

mount2 is an experiment. I think I will remove it at some point now that we have cmount working nicely on macOS (which will become mount in 1.54).

cmount needs OSXFuse or something to work in macOS?? Thanks.

It is always best to start a new post for a new topic rather than hijacking someone else's post.

On Windows, you install to install Winfsp.
On Linux, fuse needs to be installed.
On MacOS, older version required OSXFuse, but newer version do not as you use cmount. What version are you using?

That still requires a FUSE library i.e. OSXFuse (stable) or MacFuse (in beta)

I see. Thanks to both! And sorry for hijacking the post. Next time will open a new one.

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