Most reliable storage system to use with clone sync

I've been using rclone for years now on different storage systems. It is very hard to find one that is really reliable:

  1. OneDrive: well known for throttling connections
  2. Dropbox: low concurrency limit and request rate, requires backoff and sync takes longer time
  3. Amazon Drive: I gave up quickly: slow, plenty of errors
  4. pCloud: so far the one I am using since years now, very fast to sync, no throttling or rate limit (at least I was not impacted by that). But getting back the files is really slow. So only good for backups. I also found some corrupted files that I cannot download anymore... Only thing I was able to do is delete them, neither rclone or pCloud was able to download them, so I suspect a file corruption error on their hand

What are you experiences ? Did you find something really good to backup with rclone sync ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

in general, most S3 are very reliable, i have many TB at wasabi and aws.

and based on forum users, gdrive and dropbox are very reliable.

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I've been using B2. There is no inherent throttling but, at the same time, you pay for everything. So if I want to make millions of API calls, they don't care since I pay for it.

I haven't hit too much throttling with OneDrive but maybe I am an exception?

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