More detailed Logging


Currently, Rclone's debug logs indicate when files are excluded, but they do not specify the exact reason for the exclusion. This lack of detail makes it challenging for users to determine whether a file is excluded due to path filters, max-age filters, or other reasons. This can lead to difficulties in troubleshooting and understanding Rclone's behavior, especially in complex synchronization setups.

Proposed Feature:

I propose enhancing Rclone's logging capabilities to include detailed reasons for the exclusion of files and directories. Specifically, the debug logs should explicitly state whether a file is excluded due to not matching include rules, being caught by exclude rules, or not meeting criteria such as max-age.

Implementation Suggestion:

When a file or directory is excluded, the log entry should include a tag or a clear message stating the specific filter or condition leading to its exclusion. For example:

  • Excluded (Path Filter): [file/directory path]
  • Excluded (Max-Age Filter): [file/directory path]
  • Excluded (Size Filter): [file/directory path]

This enhancement would involve modifying the logging system to track the reason for each file's exclusion and include this information in the debug output.


  • Improved Troubleshooting: Users will be able to quickly identify why a particular file was excluded, making it easier to debug and adjust their Rclone configurations.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Providing more detailed logs will increase transparency in how Rclone processes files according to user-defined rules.
  • Time-Saving: This feature will save users time by reducing the need for trial and error in understanding Rclone's behavior.

I believe this enhancement will significantly benefit all Rclone users, especially those dealing with complex synchronization tasks and detailed filtering rules.


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