Moce downloaded torrent to cloud (running torrent client in docker) and then keep seeding


I just read a post here from @asdffdsa "How to move a downloaded torrent to the cloud - Howto Guides - rclone forum", I had a question or 2 please.

  1. I run qBittorrent in docker, is there a way I can run rclone move command? Because I don't think it'll work running this command in a container, when rclone is outside the container.
  2. Is it possible to change the save location to the new location after moving to rclone, so that it would keep on seeding after being moved?

Thank you.


  1. sorry, i know little about docker. but seems like a basic docker question.
    perhaps run rclone inside the same container or run a rclone docker container and share info between the containers.
  2. well, rclone move moves the file to the cloud, so it is no longer on local storage.
    if you want to seed that file once it is in the cloud, would need to use rclone mount
    and from what i know, using rclone mount to seed a file in the cloud is not practical.
    for torrents, i use a seedbox

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