Mix filter with file size


Is it possible to mix a filename filter with a max size limit ?

For exemple I would like to only sync avi file if they are small.


Sure. The filters AND together so --include '*.avi' --max-size 1G is the kind of thing you want.

Yes but I have other filter.

For exemple, I want to limit avi to 1G,

and to only save file starting with the A letter (regardless of size), and exclude file with B as second letter (regardless of size).

Oh, I see. Ideally you’d be able to put max/min size into a filter from file, but alas, it doesn’t work like that.

Do I suggest you either run rclone copy twice (or multiple times) to copy each individual subset of files you can express.

Or you could use something more sophisticated like find to make a list of files and then use --files-from to transfer just that list.

I will do the former (running it twice), thanks !