Mistake using moveto

Hi guys,

I’ve made a mistake using the moveto command. I typed something like

rclone moveto gdrive:directory/filename gdrive:directory/subdir

And now, in my directory, I have a subdirectory called “subdir” and a file called “subdir”.

If I do a rclone lsl --max-depth=1 gdrive:directory

I can see the file. But it is not listed in the Gdrive app.

Do you have any idea of how I could get rid of this file without ripping the subdir ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Ah I see - you have a file and a directory both called “subdir”.

I’d probably try fixing this using the web interface. Does that work?

I thought about that too, but the file doesn’t appear on Google Drive web interface. I don’t see in recents update.

Hmm, here is an idea - if you do

rclone moveto gdrive:directory/subdir gdrive:directory/subdir.renamed

This will rename either the file or the directory. You should be able to sort it out from there!

That was the good trick, thanks ! It renamed the subdir, and then I was able to delete the file, and then rename the subdir.

Thanks a lot.

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