Mini problem, when I try to sync a file, it starts uploading the entire thing again

Hello! Thank you in advance for helping me!

I synced my Desktop folder to Google Drive around a month ago, and I wanna sync it’s changes. but when I try to run the sync command, I don’t exactly remember that goes after secureDesktop:

I tried this rclone sync C:\Users\Daniel\Desktop secureDesktop:DesktopBackups but it tries and upload the entire desktop again! And I see on Google Drive it creates a new folder too. How do I sync it not upload the entire thing again? My internet is in the shits, it would take me two years to upload the entire desktop again haha

I suspect you probably need to do rclone sync C:\Users\Daniel\Desktop secureDesktop:.

Use rclone lsf secureDesktop: to see if you see the files that are in Desktop, if so that is the right command!