Migrating gsuite to workspace

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Good day everyone, I've removed some things from the template because they are not relevant at this time.
Hopefully someone out there might be able to assist me with a quest i've started.

I have a google drive account on gsuite business with 1 user, which means that i don't technically have the right to use "unlimited" storage.
At this time i have about 120TB on the google drive which works wonderfully using rclone with encryption.
At some point Google will likely cancel my account or charge me for the storage use, so i've been looking to change it to a workspace enterprise account, the one with "as much as you need" storage.

Now i'm sure there are people that have gone before me, so i was wondering what the best course of action would be, if i make a new account and copy the data using --drive-server-side-across-configs=true will this count towards the 750GB limit per day? If it does, this will take 150+ days to complete.

The most interesting course of action would be to just "upgrade" the existing account to an enterprise one, and have the official unlimited storage. I'm slightly afraid they will first send me a bill for using this storage, or delete it down to the quota or something.

If anybody has any experience in this, any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated.

You can do server side across configs to copy and you will hit the 750GB limit.

You can use:


And just run each day until done.

Hi Animosity022 thank you for your reply.
So you are sure there is no other way to tell google to copy internally or something? perhaps google takeout?

Because copying with the limit will take a very very long time :slight_smile:

I wouldn't say there is no other way as I can only speak for rclone as it uses the drive API and that is limited to the posted/documented 750GB per day.

You could take a look in Google Enterpise migration tools. Any reason you took a new account instead of converting your current one? Then you would not need to transfer all data.

Well to be perfectly honest, I'm slightly worried they will say hey, you actualy only can use 2TB of data, and either charge me for the rest of the 120TB or just delete my account or something.
But if there is no option to do it "internally" within the google eco system i will just give it a shot by converting the account.
In the mean time i will have a look at Enterprise migration tools.
Thank you very much for the suggestion

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