Migrating from a Unix setup to a Windows one. Looking for advice ;)

Afternoon all,

I currently have rclone set up on a cloud based Unix server to send content to my Gdrive. My Plex server is on a local machine, sat behind Netdrive 3 to prevent google api bans. This works perfectly however I want to move everything to the cloud.

I’m going to be using a Windows server as I’m far more comfortable with this OS, that and the fact everything being migrated from the local machine is already configured for Windows.

What I’m wondering is whether this will just be a case of installing rclone for windows on the server and copying the settings from the Unix server (changing the paths obviously) or is it more complicated than that?


Should be just that. The rclone config can move over and be shared if you are using the same passwords for the encrypted remotes.

I’m not familiar with netdrive though as I think that’s a Windows thing.

Thanks mate, great to know. Do you happen to know where I would find the Rclone config file on the Unix side?

Netdrive is indeed a Windows thing. It allows me to mount cloud services as drives, similar to Rclone mount I presume.

Yep, you can run the command:

root@gemini:~ rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:

and that will show the file location.

Thanks, really helpful

Urghhh, just discovered most hosts charge a significant monthly markup if I want to run Windows. Looks like I’ll have to migrate everything else over from Windows to Unix :frowning:

Yeah, I would guess as they have to pay for the Windows license? To be honest, Linux is a bit smoother and hopefully not too much of a learning curve. Got a lot of folks that can help out :slight_smile:

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You’re right of course. It’s just the work that will have to go into migrating all of my different set ups as it appears there is no easy way from Windows to Linux for Plex, Radarr, Sonarr and a selection of other installs.

Oh well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :smiley: